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Teepa’s GEMS™

"Using Skills that Make a Difference"

The GEMS™ workshop offers an overview Teepa Snow’s dementia classification model (developed from the basic structure of Allen Cognitive Disability Levels). The GEMS model compares different states of being and ability to the characteristics of precious jewels. This dignified metaphor defines normal aging as well as the many appearances, behavioral changes, skill sets and needs of those living with the effects of neurocognitive failure (dementia) or other brain changes. They should be considered indicators and a guide toward understanding an individual's current state of ability and brain function. Understanding them will lead to an adjustment of expectations, modification of cues and support, and more accurate communication and 'hands - on' care behaviors to better meet ever - changing needs. The GEMS™ advocate that people living with dementia provided with the just right care and setting, can still shine.